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We Exist To...

Elevate the lives of others by helping them have the courage, confidence and skills to face challenges.

Our Story

Our Story

The vision to build a climbing gym in Morocco has existed amongst a small community of passionate climbers for many years! In collaboration with Climb Morocco, a local guiding company, and many other local climbers and associations, we hope to share the sport of rock climbing with many more people. We believe rock climbing can elevate lives and bring people together. We hope to see you at Atlas and climb together soon!


At the core of exploration is a desire to see new things and see old things in new ways. We want to develop a culture that encourages exploration and redefines what is possible.

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We value creating a sense of belonging where people find their place as a part of a group who accepts, includes, and values them for who they are.


We value being a business that puts others well-being above our own. We desire to be selfless in elevating others before ourselves.

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Anything worth doing will take the strength to believe it is possible! We value supporting people in finding the strength they need to overcome challenges in all areas of life.

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